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Assisting Athletes

Montbriar Sports and Entertainment (MBSE) is a premier destination for athletes from all sports and backgrounds. Whether it’s the NFL, NBA, MLB, golf or athletes needing a little more game time and experience in the CFL or international basketball, the principals at MBSE have the relationships to facilitate the demands of the world’s best athletes.

MBSE has successfully negotiated millions of dollars in contracts and has secured lucrative marketing and endorsement deals for everything from tennis shoes and apparel to golf clubs and fishing equipment. At MBSE, we understand that you, the athlete, are the brand. Accordingly, our vast suite of services helps athletes develop a brand and a style that maximizes earnings potential and marketability as a professional.

Our Team

Who We Are

Our success depends on the strength of our team.

Spencer Iverson

Following law school, Iverson founded First Team Sports Management and represented professional athletes as an agent for more than 10 years.

He has appeared in Essence, The Atlanta Business Chronicle, and Success from Home as well as numerous other national publications, radio shows and television programs.

Spencer Iverson, JD
Chief Executive Officer

Dan High

Dan High attended college on a football scholarship at Valdosta State University. Injury shortened High’s football career as a player, but he continued his success as a top producing agent for Nixon and Associates and Strickland Management Group, LLC where he served as Vice President. He also served as founder, co-owner and President of Bright Ideas, Inc., a film production company.

Dan High

Ivan Iverson

Ivan Iverson played four years of collegiate basketball, and after a successful playing career, he attended the University of Richmond School of Law.

Following law school, Iverson practiced several areas of law, eventually transitioning into teaching, coaching, and basketball administration. Currently, he is a NBA certified player representative and owns, Blacktop, a sneaker boutique.

Ivan Iverson, JD
Vice President

Our Services

We Are Here For You

The services provided by MBSE include, but are not limited to: contract drafting and negotiation; draft planning; pre-draft training assistance; tax, financial and estate planning; securing of marketing and endorsement opportunities; transition facilitation; personal brand development; post-career planning; media relations training and strategies and more.

Contract Drafting and Negotiation

An athlete's primary and most important source of income, initially, is his or her playing contract. MBSE’s team of experienced negotiators have secured lucrative contracts for our clients using every bit of leverage at our disposal. On behalf of our clients, we use historical and statistical data, in-house research and outside statistical consultants to present analytics-based arguments to professional teams in our draft and free agency efforts. Our considerable expertise with the relevant Collective Bargaining Agreements and experience negotiating contracts with innovative terms means you get the maximum value and the contracts you deserve.

Marketing and Endorsements

We take the time to get to know you, to ensure that we understand your values, personality and aspirations. And it's this information that we use to help you map your path, define yourself and construct who you want to be on the world stage--from your own brand development to endorsements to licensing. Our vast relationships also allow us to align you with like-minded companies and opportunities that truly suit your individuality. We help plan for when your playing days are over, providing expert advice on day-to-day needs and helping our clients become wise and independent decision-makers in their business lives. Accordingly, our vast suite of services helps athletes develop a brand and a style that maximizes your earnings potential and marketability as a professional.

post career planning

Our post career planning services is what separates MBSE from the competition. Principles at MBSE have over 50 years of combined experience. They are accomplished attorneys and entrepreneurs who have earned patents; started, managed and created several successful entrepreneurial ventures; developed and marketed products sold internationally; trained corporate executives and businesses on maximizing profitability and performance and much more. MBSE’s expertise and international database of contacts helps MBSE athletes create and execute successful, post-career “game plans” to ensure financial growth and stability for generations to come.

Entertainment Opportunities

Our entertainment division leverages the relationships that MBSE principals have with “A-list” entertainers and celebrities taking advantage of the many opportunities that exist in music and film. MBSE principals have years of experience representing and working with Tony and Grammy award-winning film, television and music professionals and have an extensive network of executive producers and directors who are looking for the right group to fund and develop new film and television projects.

More than 50 years of combined experience
Negotiated millions of dollars in contracts
Lucrative marketing and endorsement deals
You, the athlete, are the brand
Maximize your earnings and marketability

Our clients

who we work with

MBSE has a proven track record of recruiting and managing the careers of players drafted from the first round and "lottery picks" in the NFL and NBA to undrafted free agents and supplemental league players (and everyone in-between). Your journey has to start somewhere, and for the athlete committed to building a career in sports, MBSE is your best choice!

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